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In addition to "our" Picnic Saloon N°182, the following other 30ft 1in carriages have been preserved:
D385 Full Brake
This has been at Quainton Road for many years and used to be in daily use. It is now out of service for a comprehensive body rebuild.
D85 Picnic Saloon N°189
We were instrumental in this body being saved from Nottingham. It is now being actively rebuilt in Scotland.
Inspection Saloon
Sold out of service to the army and then preserved on the Severn Valley railway, then the Kent and East Sussex Railway, this carriage is currently out of service for restoration.
D279 Lavatory Composite N°1322
Found as a grounded body forming part of a house near Watford, this was saved and is currently at the Kingfisher Line in Radnorshire awaiting restoration, and not on public display. It started life as a 5-compartment Third but was converted into a Lavatory Composite c1900
DN&GR First / Second Composite N°1
The LNWR owned the Dundalk Newry and Greenore Railway in Ireland. The locomotives and stock were based on standard LNWR designs but built or altered to the Irish standard 5ft 3in gauge. This was preserved straight from service and is on display in excellent condition at the > Ulster Folk & Transport Museum Cultra, NI.
Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton Road.
Our hosts where there is a large collection of LNWR carriages and an LNWR station and well worth a visit.

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