The Picnic Saloon Trust

   Registered Charity Nº1024538

Picnic Saloon in Down Yard at Bucks Rly Centre
Picnic Saloon N°182 in Down Yard at Bucks Rly Centre, © Cyril Crouch
The Picnic Saloon Trust (registered charity N°1024538) was founded in 1993 to protect and restore LNWR 30ft 1in Picnic Saloon N°182. These pages give some detail of the carriage preservation and restoration, plus some context with regard to when and where it was built, other carriages of the era and where it now resides.

Whilst we are well on the way to completing (and then operating) our lovely Picnic Saloon we still need to raise some funds.

To extend our operating season we would like to install steam heating. We have four radiators but will need to buy piping, a drip valve and a pair of headstock on/off valves which aren't cheap. So we need to raise £1250.

Can you help, please?

Header photo above © Bob Frise.

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